Hatem Arafa is a master calligraphy artist and graphic designer.

He studied traditional Islamic arts in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hatem presents courses for teaching Arabic calligraphy and Islamic illumination.

He was featured in many exhibitions and projects worldwide.

Types of Work he is known for:

Traditional Arabic calligraphy: 

Hatem Arafa presents his traditional works in several scripts, including Al-Diwani, Jeli Al-Diwani, Al-Thuluth, and Jeli Al-Thuluth, in addition to the Kufic one.

Modern designs (contemporary): Hatem Arafa is known for his contemporary style of illustrating the concept of design content by forming of its external appearance.

Digital designs: Hatem is working on the application of handwriting in digital and printed copies through Company logos, posters, book titles & unique designs

Hatem Arafa is both a traditional calligrapher and a contemporary designer.